Quality Assurance

MAXIMUS Trust and Care approach lies with Independent inspection module which is widely accepted and recognized as accepted quality assurance programme.

Independent pre-shipment inspection of goods helps identify potential product defects or inconsistencies in batch quality. It is a simple, highly effective way of safeguarding against costly import risks and expensive product recalls.

Before Production & During Production


  • Initial Production Check Visual check on the quality of components, materials and finished products at the beginning of the production process (when 10% of the goods have been produced).
  • During Production Check Visual check on the quality of components, materials and finished products during manufacturing (when 25-40% of the goods have been produced). 100 % final products under go quality checks including starting and functional electrical / electronics parameters.
  • Advantages Corrective action for any non-conformities detected can be taken before completion of the whole consignment. This reduces the risk of production being jeopardized by a substandard supply of material and components.

After Production


  • Final Random Inspection A detailed visual inspection of samples selected at random to check that the quality, quantity and packaging conform to standards and specifications.
  • Final Random Inspection deals with the Quality Assessment of the finished goods that are packed and ready to be shipped (at least 80% is packed ready for dispatch).
  • Final Random Inspection covers the quality (product appearance, performance, workmanship), quantity, packaging, labeling and shipping marks, e.g. Bar Code Check (to be readable for compliance), Transportation Drop Check.
  • Advantages Standard criteria of ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling procedure or a similar standard and issues detailed inspection reports based on defined Acceptable Quality Levels.

Loading Supervision


  • A supervised loading of containers to ensure that the goods checked via a Final Random Inspection are those shipped to the intended recipient.