Maximus Approach to Brand Value


In a convergent world, building brand value has become a priority.
We at MAXIMUS understand this and put in our all possible resources to create Unique Selling Points in our products, and criteria of doing so on a competitive landscape is as under.

Differentiation: is the ability for being able to differentiate a brand from its competitors. MAXIMUS products have functional advantage over most of its competing brands, there by giving customer a preference to choose and benefit from its usage.

Relevance: is the actual or perceived advantage of the product to be used by a large consumer market segment. MAXIMUS products are designed for right application, extends tangible & intangible benefits to its consumer.

Esteem: is the perceived quality and actual benefits derived by its user over a period of product life. MAXIMUS products will not only satisfy perhaps raise standard of customer expectations and thereby giving owners sense of pride.

Knowledge & Service: is the extent of awareness of the product in terms of its making, compliance to standard, useful tips for its usage, after sales services, disposal info, environmental concerns etc. MAXIMUS is committed to deploy available resources in spreading such awareness programmes to help society adopt for better living.

Customers factor brands into every purchase. The stronger the brand, meaning the clearer the position it occupies in their minds, the more value it has and the more likely they are to choose it — again and again. The goal is to get customers to choose MAXIMUS brand again & again.